Poinsettias for the Hitty Cupboard


Arianell and Eugenia were inspired by Linnea’s felt flowers…


…so they cut some scraps of felt…




…threaded them on a yellow-headed pin…




…and made some Poinsettia flowers for the Hitty cupboard!!



Cotton Reel

Then they chose a cotton reel…




…covered it with aluminium foil…




…and tied a ribbon around it!



So Lovely

Poinsettia flowers are so pretty on the dining room table!

I added some more yellow flower centres using a toothpick and some yellow acrylic paint. I really like that this project was quick and used up materials just lying around the house.

8 thoughts on “Poinsettias for the Hitty Cupboard

  1. Holy Moly…you are so clever. You can think of ways to do things like no other…This poinsettia looks beautiful…and you made it look doable for the uncreative like me…Our Hitty’s are ready to try it.
    Thank You.

  2. so clever! I have so many tiny scraps of felt in all kinds of colors. My girls are planning a whole garden of posies! Thanks for the inspiring story!

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