Winter Storms




Viola and Tuesday are singing storm songs to encourage the wind to die down…



The storm is passing over, hallelu!



6 thoughts on “Winter Storms

  1. Dear Quimper Hitty Ladies,
    I do so hope the weather has improved and the storm is past now. Take care of yourselves!

    We have sad news to give you.
    The Not-Quite-Hitty girls appear to have been abducted.
    Their house was moved to a neighbouring farm for safety as our own Big People house in need of structural repair. I have been visiting them to get messages to pass to you every few days and they had taken to sleeping in a large box with their clothing.
    The box stood beside their house. Both are missing but the whole of V’s Big Person house is turned upside down, so I still hold a glimmer of hope that their box is somewhere in the mess, though the house is certainly gone.
    I will be watching Evil Bay, in case someone tries to sell them into slavery, or sell their house. In the meantime, please will you try to play a little returning music, to see if you can bring them home?
    Thank you,
    Jenni (Trumble’s mum) xx

    • We are in the winter storm cycle at the moment, recurring wind and rain storms interspersed with little moments of nice weather…being able to sing is helpful when the power goes out! Tuesday and Viola are singing “The Cat Came Back” now…

  2. what a marvelous photo, that candle and lantern! amazing. Glad the girls were able to calm the storm winds…hopefully they can be of help to Trumble’s mum with the return of the Not Quite Hitty family. The Quimper Hittys are pretty magical!!

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