Rainy Day Quilt


Constance has been encouraging me to use this fabric since I got it in the summer of 2017!




On another rainy Saturday afternoon I cut out some one-and-a-half-inch pink squares, and we arranged them into a pleasing pattern of alternating dark and light…




…and then stitched them together.



Here is an idea for transferring a quilting design – score around a template with a blunt darning needle. This makes an impressed line…


…and then stitch in the scored lines with your quilting thread.


All done…




Gilly thinks it’s just right!



15 thoughts on “Rainy Day Quilt

  1. Constance was right to keep reminding you about the beautiful ducks in the rain fabric. It mixes in so well with the other designs to make a most feminine and pretty quilt. Gilly is quite right – I hope she gets to keep it!

  2. This quilt is just darling… You know that Gilly just melts my heart and she looks so happy with her brand new pink quilt.

    Hopefully yesterday’s storm has left you unscathed. The photo of Viola and Tuesday playing music and singing under the light of the oil lamp was so realistic. You have a gift like no other. Love each and every story you share with all of us. Thank You.

  3. how delightful! I have some of that fabric and have never used it Perhaps now I shall be inspired to do something with it. Love the idea for making a design to quilt along. Thank you! Gilly looks so sweet with the new quilt and it looks perfect with the button bed.

  4. Pretty quilt. Love the hearts. Could you send or post a picture of the button? bed without linens so we can see how it was made too. Thanks for sharing your amazing creativity!

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