Linen Skjorta




Mormor has a new linen skjorta.







Outside it is chilly with the first frost!




Nothing a warm sweater and a cup of tea can’t fix!

We’ve been experiencing the coldest October days in 60 years, Mormor likes her new shirt, but thinks we might consider knitting some woolen underclothes.




10 thoughts on “Linen Skjorta

  1. Mormor is setting the tone for the upcoming weather with that lovely skjorta! First frost!! We’ve not had one yet which is somewhat surprising but this weekend may bring it to us. Houseplants are coming in within the next 24 hours! Tea sounds super refreshing…my water is in the pot now, boiling for my own quota of the day.

  2. Mormor looks happy indoors and out. I especially love the smile lines you carved next to her eyes. She is so special. Tea is our first go to on chilly October mornings. The changing seasons is always fun but hope the coming months won’t be too severe.

    • I am so glad you like my Mormor, I used a portrait of my dearest Faster Anna as the model, and I feel like I came close…if this Mormor was really like her, though, she’d be having cups of coffee instead of tea!

  3. Your wonderful Mormor makes me smile each time I see her. So much kindness and joy in that beautiful face! So glad you’re working on a warm winter wardrobe for her. The dress, shirt, skirt and sweater you’ve made her already are delightful!

  4. Always learning something from your blog posts and the wonderful Quimper family. I suspect that Mormor will be getting those knitted woolens before it gets too cold! Fall is arriving here at the farm with wind and rain!

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