November Double Rainbow


November Rain

A rainy November morning…



Purple Cuff

…makes Rose want to go back to her knitting…



Rainbow Yarn

…she has some beautiful sock yarn!



Turn the Heel

Going round the heel …




…sewing up the toe…



Half done

…one sock done…



Double Rainbow!

…and then another!



10 thoughts on “November Double Rainbow

    • The small human has been begging for rainbow socks – at last I found some yarn. I am glad to have gotten two pairs of socks for her out of this ball of yarn…she’ll be going to Ontario over the Holidays so she will need warm wooly socks!

  1. Rose makes the most beautiful and colorful socks. This pair is especially cheerful…just what is needed on cold and rainy days.

    • Cold and rainy here in Quimperland, frosty and snowy where the recipient lives, and potentially bitterly cold where she will be next month! Rose and I are happy to do our bit to keep our favourite small human feet warm!

  2. what a fast and talented knitter Rose is! I believe I recognize that wonderful basket she is sitting in. Love the socks and the grand colors!!

    • Well-spotted – that is our magical basket from the Ozarks! Our craft projects are organised and turn out beautifully when they begin in this basket…we’ve had it almost exactly a year now, and it is already the source of many pairs of socks! Rainbow socks are grand – how could anyone not smile at them!

  3. I just adore her raincoat. Is this a pattern that is available Kjerstin? I can see at least two of my girls saying the NEED a raincoat for sure! Those socks are wonderful, don’t tell me Rose finished those in just a day?!

    • I used “Pauline’s Felt Raincoat” in the Hittygirls pattern files, with some adaptions…I did make a pattern for the hood, I will try and send it to you…Rose was occupying the magical craft basket, and the socks were for six-year-old feet, so they didn’t take very long (and she had a bit of help!)

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