“Winter is Coming” Quilt


Marking and cutting

Constance helped mark parallel lines 3/4 of an inch apart, and then intersecting lines at 60 degrees of slant also 3/4 of an inch apart…



Cloth Squares and paper Diamonds

The paper diamonds fit into the 1 1/2 inch cloth squares we got in the mail. Our challenge was to make a winter quilt with the squares so…



Pin and Trim

…we pinned the diamonds into the cloth like this!



Baste and arrange

Then the fabric was folded around the diamonds and basted…arranged…




…and re-arranged…




…and re-arranged again!



Stitch and sew

Constance decided on this assembly…



Keep stitching

…lots of stitching coming up…stay tuned!



12 thoughts on ““Winter is Coming” Quilt

  1. Constance is amazing. She must have good eyes and the ability to focus to keep all these patterns in place and visualize the outcome. Can’t wait to see what this will become. The colors are lovely.

    • Constance does have good eyes! She has been mixing and matching. Luckily it is a very small quilt, so we could just lay it out, though when she got a pattern she liked, we both had to be careful not to sneeze!

    • Tomorrow we will show a close-up of the very middle where six points meet – but basically we had to be sure that all the little tags at the pointy ends were pointed in the same direction. Then they overlap nicely and end up fairly flat, you can see it a bit in the last two pictures.

  2. Constance you are a wonder!! So this is how those lovely little diamonds are made eh? My Hitty girls told me to really study this. they are thinking maybe I need to take a seminar from Constance!! The new winter quilt is going to be beautiful.

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