“Winter is Coming” Sky Quilt


Pieces stitched

Many diamonds have been stitched together…



Centre swirl

The centre diamonds fit together so that the little tags fit together into a swirl, and others overlap neatly at the corners. This reduces the bulk of having all those layers at every corner.



Time to trim

Next we trimmed the patchwork into a neat rectangle…




…then the fun part! We snipped the knots, and pulled out the basting threads…




…and lifted out the paper…




…ending up with a pile of perforated paper diamonds, short lengths of thread and knots…



Winter Sky

…and a pieced top ready for backing, quilting and binding.

Constance and I don’t know if there is already a name for this pattern, but we like the sound of Winter Sky Quilt.




16 thoughts on ““Winter is Coming” Sky Quilt

  1. Oh! La! La! Another masterpiece!!! Constance and the human have exquisite taste. One won’t mind Winter underneath such a pretty sky. Very timely too…we are expecting 10-12 inches of snow later today…to be added to the 4 already on the ground! We’ll make sure not to send it your way.

    • Oh dear that sounds like a lot of snow! The ski hill will be happy anyway…Constance and I have been enjoying this quilt-making, it is a new process for us, and we like how it goes together (and how it looks!)

    • We have had a bit of a learning curve with the process, though the tiny stitching was not a part of the learning…and of course our eyes see all the places where improvements could be made. Learning is good for our brains though, I am not complaining!

  2. This quilt really does look like the night sky. Your abilities to arrange all of these tiny shapes and have them come out looking like a star in the cosmos is awesome. This quilt is very special…just like you and Constance…” Very Special”.

    • Constance and I fiddled around quite a bit with various combinations…we didn’t really know ahead of time what would work, but when we finally found the arrangement that snagged our attention, we went with that combination!
      We think it is special too – thank you for saying so 😊

    • You are very welcome, it is very nice to share with you, it is fun to try ideas out in small scale…it gives me more of an appreciation for some of the wonderful old quilts made this way in human scale! Constance says this is plenty big enough for her, though she’s happy to take an advisory role if I decide to attempt a human scale quilt!

  3. Oh my goodness…how wonderful ….that is a lovely quilt and I really concentrated on your directions (and felt totally overwhelmed!)…You and Constance do some fine work. And I love the name…perfect! just like the quilt!!

    • Our new quilt deserves its very own name we think, we are glad you approve! It might be the next exhibit to grace our new quilt display rack, but then Constance wants it back so she can have starry dreams.

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