Kumquat Marmalade



Kumquat Plan

There are still kumquats in Jane’s kitchen…





…time to get out the Hitty Marmalade recipe…



Chop and Measure

Jane chopped kumquats and measured sugar…



boil and stir

…stirred and boiled…




…and filled a Mason Jar with preserved sunshine!




The cats hope she’ll make something involving cream next.




6 thoughts on “Kumquat Marmalade

  1. Jane has made such pretty marmalade. The other day, we had some Swedish grape pudding with freshly whipped heavy cream on it. It was a real treat. Perhaps the felines would come round for such tasties, cream with marmalade?

  2. I can never get over all the Hitty sized ingredients your girls come up with, right down to the recipe cards and the sack of sugar…but that measuring sugar thimble was just the best. It’s hard to keep my comments concise…each and every photo deserves comments and kudos. Love them all.

    • Kumquats seemed exactly the right size to make Hitty marmalade out of…we found the wee sugar sack as an embroidery kit…luckily, because the Hittys and Jane seem to go through a lot of sugar! The Thimble…well it is a small vessel, and I am certain that if you were as small as they are it would make perfect sense to you too!

  3. Marmalade, my husbands favorite! Jane is such an accomplished cook! Cousin Ida is tempted to try that recipe for Kumquat marmalade!

    • A A Milne said that “marmalade is tasty when it’s very thickly spread”. If cousin Ida makes marmalade for your husband, it will have to be very thinly spread, as the recipe only makes a tablespoon or so. I do recommend a human-scale recipe though…as I totally agree that it is tasty and deserves to be very thickly spread!

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