Rye Crisp Tea




Mormor worked all morning helping the human make knäckebröd




…she and Jane decided to have some for afternoon tea!





While their backs were turned, two little knaves rolled one away…



senior moment?

Mormor was pretty sure she had gotten three knäckebröds out…



crunchy and delicious

…heh heh heh.


10 thoughts on “Rye Crisp Tea

  1. Am thinking maybe the Quimper Hitty’s need a cat who is a mouser! They are certainly getting bold. So cute!
    Ann Robertson
    Callawassie Island SC

    • I think they did enjoy it – it is full of lovely mousey delights like rye flakes and cracked wheat…the humans enjoyed theirs very much (and kept it in a well-sealed tin) Jane and Mormor enjoyed the two rounds that they rescued too!

  2. I am thinking a nice little Humane trap and a rehoming of those two little bandits! I had to look up knacebrod…bet it was tasty! I baked whole wheat bread today and it was tasty on this bitter cold day..with a cup of hot tea. Mormor and Jane are a fine kitchen team.

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