Gone Missing




Rose’s knitting has unexpectedly disappeared…




…Constance and Patience can’t understand where the chocolates went…





…and Jane and Mormor are missing a shiny lamp and a nice bottle of medicinal liquid.




Little packrat thinks he deserves a few creature comforts.


10 thoughts on “Gone Missing

  1. Very intelligent little rogue. A lot of thought went into his choice of thieving. I can’t blame any living thing for wanting chocolate, especially on a cold winter’s day. Rose is a sure bet to find something warm to cuddle up in. One needs light to see of course…and the liquid libation perhaps is another way to stay warm.

    • Such a deliberate selection – one might almost think he had something special in mind! But perhaps the poor thing was just tired of the cold bare woodshed, and wanted to cheer himself up!

  2. how funny!! What next for these little thieves. And where did they come from to infest the house (and shops) of the Quimper HIttys….what a mystery!

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