An emergency meeting was called – what could be done? The Hitty Cupboard was all overrun with pests…



Carving Knife

…Gracia was about ready to cut off their tails with a carving knife – if she could catch them…




Two Bad Mice

…but Gilly felt sorry for them and suggested getting a policeman doll.



Not Pied

If piping a merry tune worked for the Pied Piper of Hamlin why not try it here?





Mungo saves the day!

10 thoughts on “Pipes

  1. Well, this is surely a very fine and handy solution since Mungo is so readily available to help. I’m glad the pipes had the hoped for outcome. Where might Mungo lead them?

  2. what a relief for all concerned….mice belong OUTSIDE!! So pleased that Mungo rose to the challenge! Would have loved to hear his piping.

    • We agree those pests need to find another way to amuse themselves. preferably not in the house, or shop…Mungo is playing a medley – “The Skye Boat Song” “Road to the Isles” and “Loch Lomond” trying to encourage thoughts of departure…

    • Mungo has found that the Hitty cupboard does not appreciate his piping to the degree that he thinks it warrants. I think that in the future he may decide to practice out in the woodshed with an appreciative audience!
      Robbie Burns is one of Mungo’s Heroes!

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