The Story of Buttercup and Constance



Buttercup and Constance

Buttercup and Constance visited their sisters in the Comox Valley last year. While they were there the youngest human (age six) carried them off and made a short but exciting movie on her dad’s phone!!! At long last we were able to extract the movie and now it can be enjoyed by all and sundry.



Please click the play button in the middle of the following picture to enjoy The Story of Buttercup and Constance and the Meanies:






14 thoughts on “The Story of Buttercup and Constance

  1. Well I can see that Frida has inherited her Grandmothers creative imagination…especially the surprise ending. Love that the meanies just wanted to have some friends…so sweet. It’s nice to see the youngest generation keeping the Hitty love going…Loved the movie.

  2. Does storytelling easily run in the family? The littlest human surely has a gift of it….loved the twisting of the dolls to get up into the basket (by the hands) and then the “twist” in the story when we learn the meanies only meant to have friends. Delightful!

  3. Ahhhhh! Mamie…you have given the narrative gift to the littlest!!! What a wonderful talent blossoming into woodens’ world…and ours! Bravo Frida!!! Thank you for sharing this wonderful tale 😘 Our Hittys loved the happy ever after!

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