Flowers of a February Friday


Rose thinks these are the brightest Friday flowers she has seen in a long time, verging on gaudy…





…but the colour palate is very similar to the current Hitty Sleeping “Bag”.




Rose always enjoys our knitting projects!




A Colourful February Friday Bouquet!


9 thoughts on “Flowers of a February Friday

  1. How beautiful! Those colors are inspirational and they surround Rose so cozily. Is your weather mimicking the color of the flowers or are you still “under the weather” with gloomy weather?

  2. Rose herself looks like one of the blossoms. Yes the bouquet is bright but oh so cheerful! Our days here in MO have been a tad dreary so this bunch of flowers is quite welcome And that new sleeping “bag” looks quite delightful.

    • We think the bright flowers are very cheering, though slightly impossible! Rose is glad you like the sleeping bag…the rest of the Hittys are hoping for a “leftovers blanket” but I think there may be some baby socks in the offing.

  3. What a shot in the arm these are…facing 8 new inches of snow over what was already on the ground! Very happy some of us are already a step into Spring 🌷and care to share. Rose shines.

  4. Ah, this is just what the Woodsbluff Hitty family needed to see. It brightens up our day dealing while we deal with the dreaded lurgy.

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