Tansy’s annual trip to Haida Gwaii as assistant archaeologist appears to be cancelled this year – understandably of course…



Dirt Pile

…but Tansy is determined to do some digging.




She helped to dig a great hole to transplant a Rhododendron bush…



Flavouring Bottle

She was VERY excited to find a small bottle…




…and set about recording it properly.




A rescued bluebell in a rescued bottle!!







16 thoughts on “Dig

  1. Tansy’s archaeological sense is surely brightening a little corner of the QH cupboard today….sweet! Perhaps there will be more such finds as digs continue as she “shelters in place”. It must have been a great disappointment to not go off to Haida Gwaii this year.

    • Tansy is bright and enthusiastic no matter where she is called to help. She is indeed disappointed that the trip to Haida Gwaii is cancelled, but she wants the tiny remote communities to stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible, so outsiders need to refrain from visiting for the time being.

  2. Tansy’s dinosaur outfit is delightful, love the hat pin – a little more urban than her Haida Gwaii jeans. The only interesting treasure I’ve unearthed in 20+ years of garden digging is a clay pipe – the kind we had to blow bubbles when children – that dates me!

    • A clay bubble pipe sounds exciting to me! Tansy’s bottle seems to have been a Nabob Food Colouring bottle – though we’ll never know what colour since it’s coloured lid is missing – for now it works well as a Bluebell container!

  3. Oh Tansy, you are a pleasure. The dinosaur skeleton fabric you found was a treasure to behold. That wonderful dress and cap couldn’t have found a better use. Just love it to pieces. I always look forward to field trips with you. Kudos for finding that wee little bottle and recording it appropriately. That sweet blue found a wonderful home.

    • The fabric is so cute, isn’t it? Tansy digs this dress out once in a while, though it isn’t very practical when she is far away from laundry facilities! We love the bottle!

  4. So sorry about the cancelled expedition. Tansy is looking quite professional in her boney frock…hee hee
    A Bonny Lass in a Boney Frock!! So happy she was able to find a treasure to unearth. As always we admire
    her skills and ambition!

    • Ha ha – good one! We love the fabric – so perfect for an expeditionary Hitty – we are always happy to point Tansy in the direction of some garden-digging when she’s in town, just to keep her digging muscles in shape!

    • Thanks! We think Tansy was lucky to find that bottle exactly in the hole she helped dig for the Rhododendron. I wonder what else might be lurking below the surface of our garden!?

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