Coating the Wood Panelling


The freshly sanded bare wood needed a coating so it would be less susceptible to staining –  Arianell and Vanilla helped me decide which wood treatment to use..



three options

We experimented with Puritan Pine stain (top), Polywhey wood floor coating (middle), and Butcher block conditioner (bottom)…




…we liked the Butcher Block Conditioner the best!




It darkens the wood a little bit, but does not yellow it, and it gives the surface a very pretty texture.  It gets rubbed on, left for 20 minutes and polished…



Looks Great!

The raw wood on the left seems so much flatter in texture compared to the treated one on the right!




11 thoughts on “Coating the Wood Panelling

  1. Hittys and human made a wise choice! The panelling comes to life and looks much warmer. The girls must be excited…it is quite rewarding to see the fruit of one’s labor…and equally so for those whom get to share the experiment. Every bit will make this work of love become a work of art! One truly good thing to come out of the crisis. Thank you.

    • We really liked the look of the treatment that was chosen…it will make the Hitty bathroom so pretty, and easy to keep clean! It is a very rewarding project to be working on, I am so glad you are enjoying it too!

  2. Wow, this is an amazing project. The Quimper Hittys certainly are talented and hard working. The Fort Collins Hittys are very impressed. They want to add a door and windows to their cabin, and are having a difficult time figuring out how to do that. This effort is very impressive and inspiring.

    • We have been working hard, but asking for advice from knowledgeable experts too, most often before we get into architectural or interior design trouble! I think it would be hard to add a window after the fact, but I am no expert – this is my first attempt at making a roombox!

  3. This bathroom is going to be amazing when finished. It’s already awesome. Favorite photographer’s miter box cut those pieces to perfection. What kind of glue did you use to have the stain grab it the same color as the wood? I haven’t had that happy ending on my wood projects…the glue stains lighter than the stain I’ve used.

    • We are using minimal amounts of Elmer’s wood glue, and wiping the excess away very carefully and thoroughly. A few drops of glue were accidentally left, but these were scraped off with my sharp knives, and lastly, all the surfaces were sanded before staining. There is actually a little pale spot that I missed, but it will be in the corner behind the “throne”, and won’t show!

      • Thank You….I didn’t do those steps…Will try with a new outlook on possible success.

    • We decided the whey-stuff (does it really have whey in it?) made the wood too pale, and the pine made it too yellow. We liked the appearance and the silky feel of the Butcher Block Conditioner, and were very glad we tested all three!

  4. The bathroom is looking very charming thus far. I was also in favor of your choice of stain. I would imagine the new bathroom will be a place that may vie for the Hittys’ attention.

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