A friend gave us a scrap of quilting cotton for the wallpaper – Arianell and Vanilla supervised its installation…




…a bit of glue went onto the walls…




…then the cloth was smoothed into place.




It looks great!  We think the crack in the corner will be reduced once the edges are trimmed to 45 degrees, and the sides and floor are all  screwed together.




Meanwhile we are still working on it in pieces.  The girls helped heat-set a bit of trim along the very top edge for the crown moulding…




…and polished up a beautifully perfect mirror from the Hitty storage!




12 thoughts on “Wallpapering

  1. The girls are doing such a great job in polishing up this becoming room. The cotton fabric is just the ticket for the upper walls. Your girls are so careful in their work!

    • We certainly hope it will be a peaceful sanctuary…(do you know the children’s story Five Minute’s Peace?) but the girls are also glad that they will have indoor plumbing at last!

  2. The Quimper household if chuck full of talent. The girls are doing such a wonderful job. The wallpaper looks great…no wrinkles, no lumps…perfection!!!!

    • Thanks very much – we are enjoying the process very much and looking forward to the end of renovations! There are a few lumps and wrinkles in the wallpaper, but luckily they are very small!

  3. It is all coming together beautifully! That mirror is perfect. And the wall covering is very nice. The girls are such good helpers.

    • We acquired the mirror a while ago – and miraculously were able to locate it in the storage locker in time to fix it up for this worthy project! The girls are really good helpers!

  4. This is looking wonderful. What fun. The girls are such hard workers aren’t they? Such joy they are with their wonderful smiles. I do love your Hittys so much, they really give out the feeling of joy.

    • Thanks very much – I am so glad you love my Hittys – they do feel joyful! It is a fun project – the first room box I’ve ever made, and it is great to have the help of the little ones!

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