September Rain


It has been very rainy these last few days…

…just perfect for lying around comfortably enjoying the company of a favourite cat!



6 thoughts on “September Rain

    • The rain was rather pelting than soothing this time, but, we truly hope it made a contribution to depressing the fires and smoke further south…we find the cat-purring-on-lap is very soothing indeed, and the weather roaring outdoors didn’t affect us a bit, except the needing the lights on in the dim midday light!

    • The human kitty lets us know when she wants a lap, sometimes by sitting on the book I am trying to read, lying on my quilt project, or stalking across the keyboard…she will help herself to a lap if she wants one, and will be quite vexed if the lap isn’t properly arranged…the Hittys are very glad that their cats are more obliging and grateful!

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