First Quinces


Viola, Vanilla and Tipsy dashed out to the back garden between rain showers…




…to the Quince tree!




The fruit is shaped like a pear, but is fuzzy like a peach!




One of our outdoor friends is sheltering from the rain!




There is going to be a goodly crop!!




The girls presented the first tiny fruit to Jane!




6 thoughts on “First Quinces

  1. It’s so nice to see Viola, Vanilla and Tipsy together. They are delightful.
    I always admire Viola’s hair with the beautiful flower.
    I can see Jane’s mind thinking over what good use she will make of the Quince crop this year.

    • Viola was glad that I finally finished a little repair job on her shoulder, and now she can play with the other little girls. Her carvers did a beautiful job on her hair and the little yellow violet (after which she was named!)

  2. oh, our tree doesn’t look like that!!! I think it’s a tad too exposed to the wind. We’ve two left on it this year (last year we had crates and crates and crates of quince) so a couple of weeks and it’ll be quince jelly time 😉

    • This tree is quite young, and planted in a corner that is protected from wind, … the insects were lively during blossom season, so that was definitely a bonus, and I also was assiduous about watering this year, hoping to plump up the fruit, and it (or something) worked!

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