Bath Surprise


Constance weighed out some Epsom Salts…


…added a bit of olive oil…




…and a few drops of her favourite essential oils.




She stirred it all up and re-filled her pretty jar…




…and went off to get ready for a luxurious bath…




…but she got a bit of a surprise, and had to scoop out the spider first.




It is that time of year…spiders are regular visitors to the bathtub, the museum expert says they are looking for love!

…based on a true story in the Quimper Human household…



Bath Salts Recipe (human volumes):

About 800 – 900g of Epsom Salts (somewhere around two pounds)

About a tablespoon of Olive Oil (optional)

Several drops of your favourite Essential Oil(s)

Mix together in a big bowl, and decant into jars.  Use about 1/3 cup in a bath, more if you like…the olive oil might make the bathtub a little slippery, so take care exiting the tub!

Some people add sea salt and/or baking soda (about 200 g)…but we find these make the bath salts clump…

Food colouring can be added if you like, but we don’t,

Also dried flowers like lavender and rose petals can be added…but we find that while the flower additions are pretty in the jar, they are annoying when floating around in the tub!

We find this an easy recipe to make, and very relaxing and soothing in the tub (once the spiders are removed!). Kids can help with measuring, stirring, and removing spiders!!

9 thoughts on “Bath Surprise

  1. The formula sounds very nice and I know an Epsom Salts bath is already so adding the rest, well, nice luxury.
    Yes, I see the spiders seem to increase this time of year….and crickets.

    • We like making bath salts for ourselves, and as gifts for friends…Constance is resigned to finding spiders here and there all over the house and outdoors at this time of year…we don’t have crickets though…

  2. Constance, thank you for that great recipe for having a luxurious bath. Sounds heavenly. Well, if spiders are looking for love…they will always find it with Constance…I must confess the best they receive here is their very life…if they are small enough to keep me from screaming…I will try to direct the small ones onto a cup and release them outdoors.

    • We also try and move the spiders outdoors…especially the ones that thud as you shake them out of the cup…we always wonder why spiders looking for love end up in the tub…perhaps they are like teenagers and need to spend hours primping and showering before a date?

  3. Gee, all this time I thought the spiders were just looking for water – or a safe place to hide when the water pours down from the heavens (although why they would end up in the bathtub, as they invariably do, I don’t know. Something about the water spout perhaps?).

  4. I think they probably look everywhere ( Searching for compatible partner – You: long-legged, web in classy neighbourhood, hairy legs preferred, no pets. Me: love to dance the Tarantella, well-stocked larder, effective venom and pheromones), The problem is that if they accidentally end up in the tub, they can’t get out! “Spider ladders” do actually work!

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