A Bath

Treasure Island

 A friend assured Gráinne that no self-respecting Pirate would be without Treasure Island, and sent the book to her…




…Meanwhile, Constance has had a hard day and was planning to have a relaxing bath to unwind…




…but she was foiled again!



Maybe tomorrow

Oh well, we do like to encourage a love of literature…




8 thoughts on “A Bath

  1. Dear Constance, her patience is being tried, but she still has seen a positive side. I would like to be that quick to do the same. Thank you for your example, Constance.

  2. Ah yes, living in a one-bathroom house has its challenges. I agree with Becky, Constance’s example is needed at this time. However, it seems reasonable to want to come before spiders and ships when you are waiting for a nice soak in your tub.

  3. Very amusing!!! Grainnae is a true pirate!! Sailing her ship! Poor Constance…she is such an understanding sister. Love these photos!! Hope that Constance got that soak eventually!

    • Constance finds that there isn’t a line up very early in the morning…though it isn’t her favourite time of day to bathe. Gráinne was having so much fun Constance didn’t want to interrupt!

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