September and October Provençal Quilt Blocks


Constance and I were inspired to do our “October” block a day early…





…you might think we would be getting tired of working with all the same Provençal fabrics every month, but not so!



Stitched and pressed

The block designs are all different, and we try to use a variety of fabrics…




This is what we came up with for September…





…and here is October.







10 thoughts on “September and October Provençal Quilt Blocks

  1. Perfection!! Constance and her human are gifted! The choices of pattern and colors….beautiful! Easy to see why you are not getting tired of these fabrics.

  2. This quilt is beautiful. Years ago our Hitty’s were the lucky to receive a few quilts, and they use them as rugs in their rooms…but they will not allow anyone to come in with shoes or dirty feet. The quilts make the whole room look so inviting and cozy.

    • We love quilts full of stories and pretty colours – luckily the Quimper Hittys, especially Constance, love them too. They like your idea about using one as a carpet, and are now digging through the blanket chest to see if there are any that will work!

  3. Your quilt will be beautiful. You’ve done a wonderful job with your blocks and I’ve enjoyed seeing them.

    There is one fabric you’re using which I believe is just like the print and coloring that my mother had on one of her dresses in the 1960s. Later, when she discarded it, I made an outfit for myself with it or at least started one as I was on a “kick” to remake clothes into other outfits. The fabric is the white one on the corners of your September block. Since most of my ancestors were from the nearby region of the origin of your fabrics, well, I’m not surprised that it would have tickled my mother’s fancy.

    • Thanks very much – I’ve enjoyed the project so far – very much, and really feel it is s fortuitous project to have started in January, just before “all this”…in a way it is reminding me that one block (or month, or week or day) at a time, life continues. That’s really interesting about your mother’s fabric! Thanks for sharing that nugget of your history!

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