Bright Colours in December


It has been grey and rainy outside…




…but lots of colour is happening inside!!




We are sewing something bright for the youngest member of the Human family, based on our December Provençal block!!




10 thoughts on “Bright Colours in December

  1. Ah!, another beautiful quilt from those talented hands at the QH household. It’s so great to see the vibrancy of those colors at this time of year. Well done.

    • When we looked at the December Provençal block, it reminded us of a wrapped up Christmas present…We had these bright colours leftover from a winter Hitty quilt project last year, and decided to put them together and give a bright present to our young human!

    • Yes, I hope so! I think the pretty colours and interesting fabrics are quite amusing…I don’t know if the young human will think it is a Hitty carpet, or a bed quilt for one of her bigger dolls – we’ll see!

  2. Youngest member will cherish this darling quilt. It’s so special…I can see youngest member passing this on to her own youngest member some day.

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