A New Year’s Picnic

Some of the Comox Valley and Quimper Hittys and humans gathered for a New Year’s Eve visit to the beach…



Arianell was very happy to see her cousins; Linnea and Dulcie waited for their turn at the Sea Lettuce picnic; Elsatuna had a strained tendon in her ankle; and Linnea wore her helmet (because she likes to climb on slippery rocks and logs).

We had a creative, ingenious, outdoor, (socially distanced for the humans) fun time on the last day of 2020. We wish for more of the same in the New Year, with the addition of a hug or two as soon as we get vaccinated!

Good wishes of all the Hittys in our combined households are floating out to you, and as our Provincial Medical Health Officer Dr Bonnie Henry says:

We’ll get through this together, and we’ll do it by continuing to

be kind, be calm and be safe!




10 thoughts on “A New Year’s Picnic

  1. So glad you were all able to picnic together. People are priceless. With the addition of dolls, the pricelessness gets more entertaining.

  2. Ahhhhhh! What a lovely way to end the old and launch the new! I had a feeling Elsatuna was keeping distances and Linnea was wearing a shield. See how things can get read wrong 🙃 But when all is said and done…I am positive 2021 was welcomed in due fashion…with smiles and love! A very happy one to all!

    • I don’t think you were entirely wrong – Anthea’s helmet also worked as a shield…she kept it on the whole time! And Elsatuna did keep her distance, but exclaimed how happy she was that she made the effort to come on the expedition. It was good that the dolls could visit and play together, sort of as proxies for the two of us!

  3. Loved the name Elsatuna and her strained ankle. so adorable. It’s always a treat when youngest member comes to play.
    So glad to say goodbye to 2020. Wishing and praying that 2021 is a Happy and Healthy and peace filled New Year for you, your families, and all the dear ladies who comment on your wonderful and uplifting blog.

    • Thank you very much, we are also hoping 2021 will be a kinder, healthier year, perhaps a corner has turned. We were concerned about Elsatuna’s ankle, but young human insists it will get better with the ingenious tape, hair-elastic and felt-pen treatment!

  4. Your Dr. Bonnie Henry is a voice of reason! Enjoyed the lovely picnic photo altho I admit to large chuckle over Linnea and her helmet! Happy that you were all able to gather for a bit. Happy New Year to the Quimper HIttys and their humans

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