Sunday Afternoon in January

Sunday Paper

Rose is reading the Sunday papers to herself…




…and Mudlark is reading aloud to Guttersnipe.




Agathe and Opal are playing a game of dominoes…




…and Tipsy is about to jump on the stationary Bike!




Gracia has finished doing the annual inventory so she can open up shop tomorrow…




…and Mormor is having a spot of afternoon tea.





10 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon in January

    • Neither will I! Sometimes the coastal winter storms just envelop us, and it is nice to play games, read, drink tea etc…and the “real world” is blessedly far away for a little while.

    • It was lovely – everyone found something to entertain themselves, and though I am tempted to say nothing much concrete happened (except in the Carniceria), in fact the Hittys were busy learning to live together in peace and tranquility.

  1. A very pleasant day indeed. A lovely way to begin what is hopefully a more serene and peaceful year. We had the same kind of day here. Love the dominoes!

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