Snowdrops in January


Arianell and Floradora walked through a snowdrift…




...when one flower on a stalk is added to another, and another and another…





…they make a snowy forest.




They are so beautiful it is tempting to pick them…




…but the Friday flowers are staying in the garden this time!






16 thoughts on “Snowdrops in January

  1. I love snowdrops. So do rabbits, so all the ones we planted in our garden got scoffed. The upside of our final bunny going to the Great Warren is we’ll be able to reclaim our garden. Snowdrops are going on the list đŸ™‚

    • You are welcome – the snowdrops are so encouraging, they are so dainty and yet persistent, little spikes pushing up through the mulch and the blossom unfurling – they make me think of The Secret Garden.

    • To enjoy that kind of lovely snowy winter the Quimper Hittys would have to travel several hours north, or gain a few hundred meters in altitude! We live right by the salt water, in the far west coast, and we have temperatures between 0 and 7, with apparently endless grey and wet winters. The early snowdrops are very welcome here!
      The Quimper Hittys want to build a snow castle…

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