Floradora’s First February Flowers


Floradora is thrilled – the first flowers of the garden are emerging…




...the rhododendron buds did not suffer at all with the frost last week – this one is ready to pop, and the bush is covered with them!




…and the vase of tulips is lovely!

The local deer love to eat garden tulips so we don’t grow them outside…our favourite photographer bought this bouquet for us, even though it isn’t Friday!






8 thoughts on “Floradora’s First February Flowers

  1. We are covered with white here-trees and ground-so your lovely offering of February’s first flowers is gratefully gathered in my happy heart today. Thank you, Floradora.

  2. Flowers are a joy so I am delighted to see yours. It’s -22 here and we had lots of snow yesterday, so it’s deeply winter here. So, I am grateful for the houseplants that are in bloom here. I’ll enjoy your outside flowers vicariously!

    • We haven’t had any snow at all this winter, and only a day or two of frost…on the other hand it has been very very wet. We are glad the flower roots and bulbs don’t appear to have drowned or rotted!

    • It is a pretty vase of tulips… a pretty colour and longer-lasting than some bouquets I’ve had…Floradora seems to love flowers, and you are right, she is a sweet little blossom herself!

  3. We’re digging out from a three day snow storm. Snow mountains everywhere. Seeing these colorful flowers with the girls was just what we needed.

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