Mormor’s Utility Apron

New Apron

Mormor has a new Utility Apron…




…just in time! She has some special cakes to make today, which means a messy time in the kitchen…




…making jam…



Grated Almonds

…and grating almonds…




…to make special cakes for a special occasion tomorrow!




8 thoughts on “Mormor’s Utility Apron

  1. What a lovely utility apron. As you said, just in time for that special upcoming occasion. It’s always so wonderful to see your creativity coming forth.

  2. Is Mormor making raspberry friands? I wish I was coming to tea…. That apron is very practical, it covers her up well and a splash of raspberry juice wouldn’t show much with the pattern.

    • I had never heard of Raspberry Friands, but they do look somewhat similar, and delicious… I may have to print out the recipe for Mormor! I wish you were coming to tea too…the apron is just right for Mormor, but she would change into a hostess apron for you!

  3. Mouthwatering goodness. The Hitty cupboard is so blessed to have their Mormor. She never fails to make me think of my own Grandmother in the kitchen making goodies or reading books to us or just remembering her hugs. Mormor is so special.

    • I am so glad to hear you say that…the Quimper Hitty’s Mormor is based on my very own Mormor, and her sister-in-law, my Faster Anna, two of my very favourite people, wonderful ladies, giving me a love of books, textile arts, Scandinavian cookies and treats!

  4. the special occassion is going to be celebrated with something that looks quite yummy. Love Mormor’s new and quite stylish apron!

    • Oh yes – some holidays are worth celebrating just because of the yummy food! Even Mormor and Jane, whose long hours in the kitchen are necessary for this kind of celebration, agree!

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