Provençal Quilt Blocks 13 and 14


With Constance and Vanilla’s help our one-block a month Provençal quilt squares are continuing.

I can hardly believe it has been over a year since we started this – and what a year! When we started the project, we weren’t really aware of Covid-19. It will be nice to have a beautiful quilt to remember 2020 by, as well as the nasty virus and it’s attendant anxieties, restrictions, tragedies, inconveniences, and disappointments.




We are very fond of all the colourful printed fabrics, and never seem to get tired of organising them…cut, pin, stitch, press…




…arrange small blocks into strips, and strips into large blocks.



January 2021

Here is number 13, for January 2021…



February 2021

…and number 14 for February 2021!

There will be Eighteen blocks in total.




It is so satisfying!



10 thoughts on “Provençal Quilt Blocks 13 and 14

    • We really like the way all the blocks are different designs, and yet because they use similar colour combinations, they will make a coherent whole quilt, at least that is my intention!

  1. This will be a marvelous quilt when finished and as you stated, it will hold memories. You, Constance and Vanilla should be very satisfied with the outcome.

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