You know by now that the Quimper Hittys are game to celebrate any holidays that involve cake…



…Finns make or buy, and eat these cakes to celebrate one of Finland’s most beloved poets, Johan Runeberg, born on February 5th 1804.  Frederika Runeberg, a well-known poet and author, and Johan’s wife, is said to have invented this delicious concoction. We made ours from almond flour, cookie crumbs, and cardamom among other ingredients.  The baked cakes are dipped in rum-sugar-water, then raspberry jam is spooned on top, and a circle of icing piped round the edges of the cake. Johan Runeberg is the author of the poem that became Finland’s national anthem after Finland gained independence 115 years later.

Did you notice the upside-down Tsaikka glass we are using for a special table? The metal part of the glass was inspired by a visit to a zipper factory by the designer Timo Sarpaneva. A set of four glasses were a lovely Runeberg’s Day gift from a special Finnish friend – Kiitos ystäväni!





12 thoughts on “Runebergintorttu

  1. Oh, you make such special celebrations. I highly admire your efforts and narratives in making these a special posting for all of us to enjoy, “savor”, and learn from. Enjoy your cakes!

  2. I always notice how you incorporate similar colors in your photos. The blues in the Finland flags, wallcovering and floor showcase this yummy cake on its special pedestal. Lovely.

  3. Oh my goodness, so much to delight in – of course, my eye immediately went to the weaving- did you do that? It’s gorgeous! And, every other precious detail is wonderful! Thank you for brightening a brutally cold and grey, blustery day!

  4. what a splendid celebration … the glass is quite intriguing! And of course the background weaving is lovely.
    And that cake sounds delicious.

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