Volcano Cam

A new volcano appeared in Iceland near Fagradalsfjall on March 19th, and Constance recently discovered a “Volcano Cam” streaming the continuing eruption in real time!




click here for the Volcano Cam that Constance is glued to…the lava bubbles and splats! You can move the slider back 12 hours or so, and see what it looks like at all times of the day. There are two camera positions, so you can click on a link on the web page to get a different view – sometimes the views are obscured by fog or rain, or shaken by the wind.  Sometimes a human scientist walks past, or a fox!!! Click here for the fox videos. A helicopter flies over occasionally, and the lava actually devoured one of the cameras, but the most exciting thing is watching the lava pour out of the fissures!



Black Cupcakes

Constance was inspired to do some baking, she added black food colouring to some cupcake batter…



Orange Whipping Cream

…cut out a core, and filled and topped the cakes with orange-coloured whipping cream!



Volcano Cake

The perfect snack for Volcano-watching.

Click Here for an interactive map of the eruption area.


This volcano is not putting any habitations at risk…we hope the people of St Vincent stay safe from the also erupting La Soufrière!


13 thoughts on “Volcano-watching!

  1. Wow! It is fun to watch Volcanoes… from a safe distance, of course. And oh, to have “lava cakes” to eat while watching…what fun. I heard on the news yesterday that the volcano on St. Vincenntes (sp) erupted, too. I remember that island with much joy. And, I actually walked on that volcano mnay years ago. That was sooo cool!

    • Constance and I have walked on many a volcano, in Tenerife, and in Iceland, but this is the first one we’ve seen close-up during an eruption! I felt the explosion of Mt St Helens blowing it’s top almost exactly 41 years ago, but Constance didn’t exist back then!

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