Knitting Help

New Sweater

Mormor has a new sweater (exactly like her old one, except for having three pearl buttons instead of one)…Thanks Rose!



Blue Dress

…and Rose is knitting a new blue dress for a new sister (more about her later!)…



Being Helpful

…the cats are ready to pounce on the escaping bits of yarn!



11 thoughts on “Knitting Help

  1. Mormor looks cozy in her new sweater, Rose looks quite busy, and of course, the cats are right in there too with their working play. Thanks for the homey scenes.

    • Rose is an inspiration, I wish I had her tenacity…the cats are always willing to help when strings are involved…and lovely Mormor is pleased with her three-button sweater – it doesn’t gape or let drafts in at awkward places!

    • Rose was carved by Judy Brown – she is the knitter in the Hitty family, and often helps me out with my yarn-projects too! One of these days she really is going to knit a Hitty Sleeping bag!

  2. Lucky Mormor to have Rose knitting for her. And you mentioned a new member of the HItty family?? Oh my
    how exciting! Rose is creating a beautiful welcome for her.

  3. By chance I found your website and these incredibly charming three k(n)itties. They are amazing and have (nearly) all that it takes to be really cute cats. It’s just a pity that I’m so little talented in needlework… – Best wishes from Germany for a merry Christmas 2021!

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