Tanabata 2021


Kengyu and Shokujo

Tanabata is the Japanese Star Festival, remembering the story of the celestial Weaver Princess Shokujo (Vega) who fell in love with the Cowherd Kengyu (Altair).  They were so happy together that they forgot to perform their tasks. The gods became angry because they had no new clothes and the herds were untended.  The lovers were sent up to the stars, and separated forever by the milky way.  The princess cried so hard they changed their minds a little bit, and they are allowed to visit each other once a year on the seventh day of the seventh month.



In Japan Tanabata is celebrated on the seventh day of the seventh month, and people write wishes onto paper, and tie them onto bamboo. When the breeze blows, the wishes are wafted up to heaven – perhaps to the happy couple, who would be sympathetic to hopes and dreams.

Click here for more information about this festival. There are lots of reasons to celebrate the seventh day of the seventh month, – let’s all send good wishes out into the world!

Happy Tanabata!



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