Tomato Bounty


The Oxheart tomato was huge…




…and ripe…




…and heavy…



John Deere

…and portable (with special equipment)…




…and daunting!



13 thoughts on “Tomato Bounty

    • We’ve been eyeing this champion tomato for days, and were so happy when Perdita declared it ready for picking! The tractor is very useful – all the girls long to drive it, but only a couple of them have their driver’s licenses!

  1. Perdita hauling that giant tomato in her tractor is hilarious. Where ever do you come up with these wonderful miniatures?
    I’ve never seen that kind of tomato before…makes me hungry for fried green tomatoes. Our harvest isn’t quite ready yet.

    • Our favourite photographer has been the source of many of our best Hitty-sized pieces of equipment! The tractor came from a consignment store, and is so useful for hauling!! Oxheart tomatoes are always huge, when you can get them to grow. We don’t usually have a lot of success in our neighbourhood, but the tomato vines all seem to be thriving this year!

    • The flavour is good, and it has mostly “meat” and few seeds, and little “water”, so it is best as a paste tomato, or salsa tomato, but we ate this fresh off the vine, sliced thickly, and with salad mix from our garden and a veggie-burger on a sourdough focaccia bun from Ottavio’s – mmmm!

  2. Oh, I had that toy tractor growing up in one of my foster homes. I had a lot of cast iron toys while there. Sadly lost in the fire. Oh, the happy mems of playing with those and my GI Joe. Also, I was at the antique store a few weeks ago, and I saw a hand carved wooden doll… only, it’s almost life size! I’m going to go back and pray it’s still there. It’s sooo cool!

    • It was almost to beautiful to eat, but we managed! The girls were very glad to get this Tomato in – they kept dreaming about a raccoon or some other marauder getting at it first, so by hook or by crook (and tractor) they found a way!!

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