Quince Surprise Pudding


October is Quince month…ripe, fuzzy…



Sliced and dipped in syrup

…peeled and sliced and dipped in syrup – we are making a surprise from our Quinces – Growing and Cooking book!




…Vanilla and Jane are making a small pudding.




They got the cores leftover from the big pudding and cut them even smaller.   A quince surprise pudding has slices of syrupy quince at the bottom of the Hitty frying pan…




…and cake on top!




When you turn the cake out onto a plate, you get a surprisingly beautiful and delicious pudding! Perfect  accompaniment to after dinner tea in the Hitty cupboard!



15 thoughts on “Quince Surprise Pudding

  1. Like Janet, we used to make this growing up, usually with canned pineapple rings and it was our pineapple upside down cake. I never thought of making it with another fruit. Ingenious! and most delectable. Your gals did a lovely job with their little cake.

    • That sounds like a sweet delicious cake! The quinces have to be eaten cooked, and I am finding lots of inspiration in the little cookbook…next I am off to find some juniper berries…

  2. Such beautiful baking photos! I love their mixer and whisk and cast iron frying pan. And that tea set!! Their quince pudding looks absolutely delicious. We have made it with apples and gingerbread cake on top. Quinces are not common here.

    • Apple and gingerbread surprise cake sounds really tasty! I shall have to get Jane to try that one! We are lucky in our Hitty kitchen equipment… a bit here and a bit there has been collected over time. The tea set was one of my grandmother’s, and used for fancy occasions, like when you have a fancy cake to eat!

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