Everything is going Pear-Shaped


It’s the end of the season in the garden, and everything is going pear-shaped!



William’s Pear

We expected the William’s Pear to look like a pear…




…and Quince looks quite a bit like a pear, but fuzzy…



Butternut Squash

…but look at the Butternut squash!




How odd!



12 thoughts on “Everything is going Pear-Shaped

  1. Thank goodness there’s enough of a difference visually to discern what is what. One wonders if this is an autumn predominant shape? Pretty pear-shaped produce prominently prevails.

    • It was strange that this particular squash wanted to be pear-shaped…perhaps it looked up and admired the fruit on the pear tree above the squash bed…the other squashes look more butternut squashy! We like the apron too!

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