Mountain Ash

Still Raining

It is overcast and chilly…



Hello Aunt Tree

…but Willa (who was carved from Mountain Ash) dashed outside to greet to her relatives.



Colours Turning

There are two Mountain Ash trees in our yard – one on each side of the house.




Willa collected armloads of Mountain Ash berries…




…don’t they look like little Hitty Apples?





12 thoughts on “Mountain Ash

  1. It is so kind of Willa to display these mountain ash berries (aka Hitty apples) to us. Since we don’t have them in our area, it is a treat to see these relatives of Willa’s. Yes, Willa is a lovely girl.

  2. My mother used to make a beautiful coral-coloired jelly from rowan berries. It was quite tart, and she served it with venison or pheasant. I can remember picking and stripping the berries from their stems as a child.

    • My grandmother told me about the relish (or maybe it was jelly?) made from these berries when we lived in the mountains of British Columbia, but I don’t think we ever made ore ate it (or pheasant). Though we did eat moose occasionally.

  3. Oh dear, I thought I had signed up to follow the Quimper Hitty blog, but maybe not. Hitity Willa has such a happy look on her face at discovering her “relatives,” the mountain ash trees and their yield of Hitty-sized apples. She must feel quite at home with you there. Judith

    • I thought you had too? maybe there is a gremlin in your computer…perhaps plant a Mountain Ash in your yard to protect it!? Willa seems to have migrated into the kitchen where she and Jane are dealing with quinces this week!

  4. What a dear face Willa has.
    We call mountain ash rowan. It is my favourite tree and I would have like to name one of my children by the name.
    I may rowan jelly to eat with any savoury food and like it with crackers and cheese instead of pickles.

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