A Dark and Stormy October

Dark and Stormy

It was a dark and stormy night…



Iona Whishaw

…Constance settled down in her rocking chair with a new mystery by Iona Whishaw…




…and meanwhile someone trudged towards the Hitty cupboard.



Knock at the door

 Constance was startled by a knock at the door!



Wet and Tired

Overcoming her alarm, Constance opened the door to find a damp and tired girl.




Constance counteracted both exhaustion and alarm – first with dessert…

Jane Austen

 and finally with a larger allowance of Jane Austen!

We are delighted to welcome a new little Hitty into the Hitty cupboard. She was carved by Bill Fifer and painted by our friend the Dollhouse Lady.  We’ve named her Hitty Willa after Bill, and she seems to be a sensible girl.  Her love of tea, dessert and books will help her fit right in.


19 thoughts on “A Dark and Stormy October

  1. How very delightful to welcome a Hitty on such a gloriously dark and cozy night! And what a beauty she is! Your photos are just so perfect….how do you do it? I’m always in an enchanted land when viewing your photos.

    • It has been dark and stormy outside, as we have been experiencing an “Atmospheric River”…little Willa was an unexpected delight appearing on our porch, and very happy to join the cosy Hittys in their cupboard (with dessert, tea, and books!)

  2. what an exciting entrance…love the story and the photos. The glowing lamps…so perfect! The image of the stranger in her long cloak..so mysterious. I am sure she will have many adventures with the Quimper Cupboard family.

  3. It’s always a joy to get a new dolly, isn’t it! 🙂 ❤ I was expecting a really haunting tale, but this was a good one. Can't wait to see what you'll do for All Soul's Eve (aka Halloween). Ach, what am I saying, I know you don't celebrate it up North.

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