Oregano Harvest

Early morning

Perdita went on an early morning garden walk…



Cool and damp

…to check on the progress of the oregano in our herb garden.



Warm and Dry

She returned later in the day when the dew had dried…




…and collected stalks until her arms were full.



Bunched and tied

She borrowed some string from Jane, and tied the oregano in bunches…



hung to dry

…and hung them up to dry!




8 thoughts on “Oregano Harvest

  1. I’m sure Jane will be delighted to have the oregano to flavour her cooking in the winter months. Your cheery pinny is a joy to behold Perdita.
    With much love,
    Mary Not-Quite-Hitty xx

    • Perdita is ready to garden in her sweet pinafore (sent to us by a Hitty friend), and we try to get the oregano harvested just before it blooms, and on a sunny day – after the dew dries but before it gets too hot! The day was just right!

  2. It’s lovely seeing Perdita in her garden. We enjoy the fragrance of fresh herbs also. Perdita must appreciate beautiful scents coming from Palo Santo wood.

  3. More beauty and daintiness and fragrance (in numerous ways) we get to view from the QHs today…how pleasant it is to see Perdita and Jane today.

    • Perdita knows that the garden is the place to be for beauty and daintiness! It has been a late spring here, and the plants are a bit behind their usual schedule…but Perdita and Jane are adjusting their timetables and expectations!

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