Rainbow Garden Green

Sweet Peas

This day is about green…but Perdita wanted to show you how perfectly her sweet pea dress matches the sweet pea flowers, and after all the pea halums are green, and Perdita’s Palo Santo wood is quite green!



Sweet Pea Pods

We planted Sweet Peas for the sweet scented flowers,and Sugar Peas for the tasty pods, right next to each other! The plants got rather intertwined, but it doesn’t matter – we can easily tell them apart. Sweet Pea Pods are rather furry…



Sugar Pea Pods

…and Sugar Pea pods are cool and smooth!



Sugar Peas

Perdita harvested a basket-full of sugar peas for lunch!!



The Human and a few of the Hittys are away for a few days, but the rest of the Hittys are looking for a rainbow in the garden…




7 thoughts on “Rainbow Garden Green

  1. It’s awesome how photosynthesis can bring out such a medley of colors, green being such a vital color. Thank you once again Perdita, for a stroll through the garden today. Your dress is beautiful.

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