December Advent



Little tree

A little tree has appeared…it must be December!



Rye Sourdough Starter

Graziella and Abigail are helping to open the Crafty advent calendar! A very kind friend organised this every year – 24 people each make 24 crafty gifts to exchange, and starting on December First, we open one a day!  Our first gift was a jar of Rye Sourdough starter…we’ll have to see if Mormor and Jane can do something with it in the kitchen! We do love rye bread!



Sweet Treats and Poetry

Today they opened #2, and found some sweet treats that will be nice with a cup of tea, and a lovely poem.



Sleeping Bag

And finally the human has finished the Hitty sleeping bag…I don’t think we’ll make a second slipper/bed sock, it isn’t a shape that I like (though it is very cosy and warm)…




…it is a perfect size for two little Hittys, warm, cosy, and just in time for the cold winter storm which is on the way. The Hittys are excited to have their very own sleeping bag that I am not giving away to anybody!




Happy December – we hope you are warmed by thoughtful friends, treats and bright stars.






19 thoughts on “December Advent

  1. So glad to see your post and that there is activity in the QH household. Lovely gifts, aren’t they? And such a splendid “sleeping bag”. I trust whoever gets to sleep in it has colorful, pleasant dreams.

    • Thanks! We have been a bit quiet lately in the Hitty Cupboard, possibly related to being busy in the human household! I think Graziella and Abigail have claimed the “sleeping bag”, unless of course the Hitty cats get into it first!

  2. Such wonderful advent gifts! And, OF COURSE the girls should keep their sleeping bag. Santa will find it easy to find the end of their bed and where to fill their stockings. Added to that, with rising household costs, they, like the rest of us, need non-fuel related ways of keeping warm at night.

    • Indeed yes – the cosy slipper/sleeping bag is perfect for chilly Hittys – and they are so glad that I am not sending it away! Quite right about Santa finding it easy to fill their stockings too – bonus!

  3. This particular Hitty fan is warmed by the start of summer! For us, Christmas will be a dime for cool clothes, shady hats and scurrying from one air-conditioned spot to another. A sheet and maybe a patchwork quilt on the bed will be quite enough… I hope the Hittys enjoy their baking and that there is something nice in the pantry to put on the sourdough rye bread. For me, there’s nothing to beat butter and komijnekaas.

    • We hope you don’t get overheated reading about our attempts to keep warm! The cumin cheese is one of our very favourites – I will see if Gracia has any in her shop – if not I will slice a bit of the one in our fridge, and give a bit to the Hittys for their lunch!

  4. What a beautiful wishes, you are so nice. December fascinated in this post, I loved the colours, stories, and photographs… Every detail hits me. Especially the green ribbon in the fisrt one… You are an artist dear Hitty Lady, I wish you the same to you and to All your family, Much Love, nia

  5. By the way I forgot to say, these faces, these beautiful looking and smiling faces how beautiful, I feel as if they are real… But this is true in one way, because I see your smiling face and beautiful heart there… Thank you dear Hitty Lady, Love, nia

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