In Like a Lion

Stormy Weather

They say March comes in like a Lion and goes out like a lamb…



…we’ve had rain, snow, sleet, and yes – hail so far this month, and it’s only March second! Sitka is in her element – after all she is a storm doll! The rest of us are quite heartily ready for milder weather – fortunately there are occasional bursts of sun too, which help to dispel the gloom.







6 thoughts on “In Like a Lion

    • Hail has a different sound…We are quite (thoroughly) used to howling, wuthering winds and pelting rain, we have more than our usual share this winter of the muffled hush of snow falling, and occasional mist and mizzle…but the clatter of hail is always a surprise, and doesn’t usually last more than a few minutes!

  1. I love how she’s sitting serenely amongst the chunks of ice, meditating on the change of seasons… For us, summer (the Wet) has just officially finished and from now on it will get much cooler and theoretically drier. I’m looking forward to cool nights and pleasant days…

    • Dryer and cooler sounds like something to look forward to! The seasons are definitely changing, in expected and unexpected ways! Weather seems so strange these days, like everything has been tossed in a handbasket and shaken out randomly…I surely hope for pleasant days ahead for the both of us!

    • I thought Sitka might have nightmares in stormy weather, but she seems rather to enjoy all the wild howling winds, and loves it when she can hear the crashing waves and feel the salt (and ice!) flying!

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