Surprises in the April Garden

Big Tulips

We are so glad that our Tulips are growing, and budding – but they look like they are going to be plain old yellow…not an exotic red with yellow stripes like the picture on the label…



Small Tulips

…but these ones are the right colour! We are just surprised that they are so short.  However Sitka and Graziella think they are just the right size for them to enjoy!




Look! Gooseberry flowers! We are happy to see them, and hope for a few warm days so the insects can visit, pollinate and turn them into berries! Our pruning guide says this third year should be the beginning of substantial berry crops. That would make us so happy!




And here is a surprise…we thought we had picked up all the gooseberry twigs after pruning this winter, but a little volunteer has decided to become another gooseberry bush, and if so…only a couple of years till even more berries!!




Look at this lovely cabbage! We planted it in the fall and have been anxiously protecting from slugs all winter…




…but wait a minute…it seems to be turning into broccoli! Drat.



Black Currant

The garden is full of surprises this year…we might shop for bedding plants and bulbs at a different nursery next year. Or else we’ll just have to get used to mysteries in the spring garden.  This particular plant is behaving itself this year!!  It looks like we’ll see a nice crop of Black Currants!



6 thoughts on “Surprises in the April Garden

  1. Spring is beautiful season, and so exciting too, to watch the nature in changes… I loved your photograpsh, especially the last one… Thank you dear Hitty Lady, have a nice day and Spring season, Love, nia

  2. What fun to find surprises as well as trusted expectations in your garden. Yesterday, we worked outside quite a bit-daffodils are starting to really show their clustered beauty, scillas have popped open everywhere, violet leaves are starting to emerge and the cutest little (miniature) daffodils came as a surprise-where did they come from? Spring has been such a blessing to be a part of. Thank you for showng the photos of your share of the Earth’s and Creator’s gifts to us.

    • We do love to see the garden beginning to shake off the dreary winter somnolence, and begin to unfurl these surprises – even the plants we are expecting so see are delightful.

    • I was quite surprised! I don’t mind too much about the not-cabbage, seeing as I quite like broccoli, but I would never have bought yellow tulips, and will probably dig them up.

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