Iceland Saga III

Iceland Boat Rides

Constance enjoyed several boat rides while in Iceland…the first one was in Stykkishólmur where we went on a wildlife excursion tour boat. Constance held on to the ropes!

A puffin Islet

This small rock just north of Stykkishólmur had puffin burrows in the turf at the top, and nesting Kittiwakes amongst the columns of Basalt.




Another tourist excursion into Jökulsárlón lagoon on an amphibious boat.  We drove from dry ground right into the water which is full of icebergs broken off of Vatnajökull  Glacier.




The Lagoon really was full of Icebergs!



On the ferry to Heimaey

Constance, Min and Patience join their cousin Frances on a Ferryboat ride to the Island of Heimaey . The town on the island almost got swallowed by lava in 1973 when a new volcano suddenly erupted right next to it and buried many homes in melted rock…and covered the rest in ash.



Heimay Harbour


The day was peaceful and the town of Heimay was pretty, everyone enjoyed the trip!

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