Arm Solutions



Constance is happy to have Tansy back in action after the Grandpa-and-toddler-playtime mishap…



Tansy offers thanks to both Constance and Mary Anne for their loving care during her convalescence, and to Grandpa, who took it upon himself to replace the broken arm-pin toothpick with a bit of bamboo skewer.  We are all happy with the result.

8 thoughts on “Arm Solutions

  1. The Country HIttys are quite pleased to see Tansy up and restored to full health…of course now they are casting accusing glances my way as poor Inga remains leg less……soon Inga…soon. Where is a handy Grandpa when one needs one? The only bad thing for Tansy is having to give up that wonderful bed!!

    • The Hitty family recognises the glorious bed is used only for two reasons: on special occasions,(l think that is why Opal and Agathe selected it as the bed of choice to bounce upon for their spring equinox celebration) and for Hittys recovering from lurgy and trauma…I am pretty sure The Bed speeds recovery after Hitty mishaps! Tansy is glad to be able to lift her teacup again!

  2. A glorious bed, TLC from a Grandpa, caring Hitty nurses and tea = a very sunny and healed Hitty Tansy…what a pleasant way to end the weekend!

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