Rain Berries

Dratted Deer

Deer Drats

Rain at last!  Hattie had promised to bring Dulcie Berry-picking so they donned their raincoats and ventured outside.  Oh drat!  The plants at the top of the planter were cropped short during the night by ravening deer…

Dulcie's berries

Dulcie’s berries

…but Dulcie found a couple of berries lower down…

A fine harvest

A fine harvest

…and they had a little rain berry feast.




18 thoughts on “Rain Berries

  1. Hello Ladies!
    WordPress are not very happy with us for some reason and is not allowing us to post comments on any of the 3 blogs we follow, but we have been enjoying READING about you and your sisters over the last year or so.
    We hope you enjoyed your berry feast and that your beautiful coats kept you snug.
    Mary and Roberta Not-Quite-Hitty

  2. Oulala!!!! Deer are picky on Quimper st!!!! Out here, they stick to hostas! We’ve had rain pretty much every day but…no cute rain gear! They are wonderful, great job!!! Enjoy the berries.

  3. So glad to hear of the rain coming your way…what a relief…and what cuties who have donned rain gear and delighted in the berries.

    • It was very nice to have rain – and quite a thunder-and-lightening event too! We are back to sunny forecasts again, but hopefully will have a damper rest of the summer!

  4. Dulcie looks a little worried that the deer might return and steal “her” strawberries. I’m sure Hattie reassured her though.

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