February Cookies of Love

Cookies of Love

Cookies of Love

Carrot Soup and Dulcie helped the Quimper Hitty human and the littlest member of the family with a big project in the kitchen!

 We have found it an interesting and rewarding experience! February Cookies of Love are even more lovely when baked with enthusiastic help and dolls.  Of course we all wore our very most beautiful aprons, and heartily endorsed the result!


16 thoughts on “February Cookies of Love

  1. lovely fun…did the littlest Quimper human have an apron? I am sure she was great help and quite pleased with the results. they do look very tasty.

    • Littlest human has a sweet apron made of a square of fabric turned on its point. The top corner is turned down and a neck loop sewn there, and ties are sewn to the side corners, the bottom is pointed – it is very cute, I have been thinking of making a Hitty-sized one.

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