Birds and Berries

Examining the kit

Examining the kit

Constance accompanied me to an Embroiderer’s Guild workshop…

Lunch Time

Lunch Time

…we worked hard and Constance was a great help…



Day's End

Day’s End

…and we look forward to finishing the project at home, and more new tiny embroidery projects!

Thanks to the Victoria Embroiderer’s Guild (click here for their website) for letting non-members attend the Spring Festival, and especially to Wanda, our teacher.  We enjoyed the entire day – the great kit design and instructions, not to mention the delicious lunch and copious amounts of tea! Now back to the needle…





10 thoughts on “Birds and Berries

  1. I sense Constance is getting “hooked” on embroidery…such a delightful craft…Can’t wait to see the finished product! Embroiderers are one very special breed 😉

  2. I do so love embroidery, this group seems to have something for everyone. I look forward to seeing your project as you complete it. So dainty! Glad you and Constance had a good time.

  3. Were you able to find Hitty size embroidery pictures? That’s what I like to make. Denise 

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