Yoyo Pinafore



In a stack of  six-inch circles rescued from a 1930’s Yoyo quilt, there were some with blue and coral nosegays printed on salmon pink cotton.



…One of the circles had the flowers placed perfectly for us to make a Möbius pinafore



I hope the little girl who made the original quilt was proud of herself, and hope she would have approved of how much fun we are having with it 80 years later.




…Constance feels very spring-like in her new pinafore.

16 thoughts on “Yoyo Pinafore

  1. The mobius pinafore from the yoyo circle turned out perfect . Constance looks lovely in it. I’m sure the little girl that made the original quilt would be proud of what you’ve done with it….Penny

  2. You have recreated those little yoyo’s into such a pretty pinafore while keeping its vintage history. Just can’t wrap my mind around how you are able to sew those perfectly spaced teeny tiny stitches.
    It’s just like the QH human to find bluebells that match the flowers in the pinafore. Picture perfect ending.

    • Thanks very much – the little stitches are back-stitches, which are sewn from the front if that makes sense. I am glad you liked the pretty flowers – we don’t have too many bluebells, but a few were left out in our flowerpots!

  3. That pinafore is so nicely made. Mine never look this fantastic. Love how flowers are centered so nicely. You are such an artist.

    • Thank you very much! I like to see people making pinafores with this pattern, and they are all different! I centred the nosegay by holding the fabric up to the window before pinning, so I could get the pattern centred.

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