Thawing Charlotte



A little girl appeared in the mailbox today – she’s come all the way from Kansas where there is an excessive heat warning of up to 105 degrees F expected this week!  Here in Victoria we are waiting for summer to come back…poor Charlotte was not used to this chilly climate.



Prissy was quite concerned that Charlotte seemed frozen stiff, so she heaved her into a cradle,

Hot Water bottle

Hot Water bottle

…ran for a hot water bottle…



 and borrowed a square from the current quilt scrap project.



And in case her stiffness was due to shyness, Prissy decided to keep her company for a while, and read her a story.


This little 2 1/2 inch Frozen Charlotte is a gift from a Hitty friend. She is a replica doll similar to one which was found by archaeologists wrapped in a wool sock on the wreck of the Arabia. This steam-powered paddlewheel boat went down in 1856, after hitting or being hit by a snag on the Missouri River.




18 thoughts on “Thawing Charlotte

  1. A new member for this most welcoming family!!! Prissy knows how to spread the Quimper hospitality…before she knows it, Charlotte will feel right at home. Lovely cradle she picked for the newcomer…a perfect fit.

    • Excellent observation! The Quimper Hittys do think that all handmade human socks get to be test-driven as sleeping bags…and now they have an experienced sock-inhabitor amongst them I predict future sock mutinies…perhaps with Gráinne at the helm, poking our toes with her cutlass! Yikes!

  2. Delightful…and this little replica is a sweetie. The whole story of the finding of the Arabia is fascinating. How lovely that this little one has traveled to your home. As for the heat…oh my goodness we are melting here in Missouri
    My Hittys are using ice packs instead of hot water bottles!

  3. Oh, your new Charlotte is very dear, and how sweet of Prissy to take such good care of her! I have loved Frozen Charlottes since I was a child and regret that the one I owned then vanished many years ago.

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