Zipporah is a fine upstanding young lady, who takes great pride in keeping her corner of the Hitty cupboard in good order…





…but we had a little earthquake on Monday night!




Luckily it was a very little earthquake!



8 thoughts on “Shake!

  1. The Quimper Hittys lead quite the adventurous life to say the least!!!! Glad it was a small shake and all is back in its place and Zipporah can resume “normal” activities!

  2. Zipporah’s corner is the original Hitty cupboard – we have expanded rather. When the Hitty cupboard is mentioned now, it is a metaphorical cupboard, and not often this actual corner! Serenity can be hard to find sometimes with excitable Quimper Hittys all over the house – Zipporah is glad to have a small area she can call her own, though sometimes she invites Constance, Patience, Rose, or Mary Ann in for some civilised company.

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